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Savage Full Enhancement

Rotting Corpse

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I ran across this game when I was looking at pendrivelinux.com. My question is, has anyone tried this game out and if so, what are your thoughts on it. And to expand on this one, what other games have you come across that are small enough to run straight from a USB thumb drive that are actually fun?

PS: Wasn't to sure which board to post this in, but since it was game related I went with this one :P

EDIT: Forgot to post the games home site notforidiots.com/SFE/

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lol, I have that Avatar as an emote in MSN.... it is legendary, but it is a bit mroe disturbing when seen at a higher res. You don't see the flying eyeballs so much in MSN. Also, Savage is fun and this does add a lot to it, but, it often takes a long time for the game to get started because no one votes for one person to become the guy who plays in RTS style, so everybody will put themselves forward and nothing gets done.

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