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Editing title problem


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not sure where to post this question but i was wondering, is there any way to edit thread titles.

I have been having trouble editing it. i usually like to edit the date on it so people will know when it was updated or if there any problems with out having to click on it and read through it (makes it more convenient for everyone )


because right now the thread title makes it seems that pandora is working fine but the thread contents will say otherwise

(bait and switch doesnt seem very cool :) )

pandoras jar has been messed up for a few weeks now since they made a change over on the pandora site so not it always rips 1 song behind and the people who understand the source code well seem to have disappeared *cries*

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yet another reason IPB sucks ass

it works well and has a good design, just wish there was a way to edit titles since it was pretty helpful in the past. anyway even if i could edit it at the moment, i wouldn't know what to edit it to to detail a problem that is happening within the limited text space available in the title

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