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Mac UMPC homebrew (diy UMPC)


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Okay, I need help with a few things, I own an iBook g4 12" and i am planning on gutting the mobo and HDD and putting them in landscape orientation within a case.

I need to find a screen that matches the profile of the logic board http://www.macrecycling.com/images/products/661-3646.gif

ideally a widescreen 9"

i then need to find a digitizer for that

any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance.

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I have uploaded pictures of a 7" monitor controller boards to my skydrive, the device accepts composite in but does not have a very sharp image, so you cannot read text on it, if anyone has any clues on how to use vga with this thing then let me know, I have a feeling that the long thin circuit board will be able to drive the screen without the others if i can wire it up correctly.


If anyone can help me to drive this screen at a useable resolution then that would be fantastic as i have no money to buy a new monitor, the boards and screen cam from a goodmans portable dvd player, i can find the model number if it will be usefull to anyone.

P.S if the link doesnt work then post a reply and i will try and fix it

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a model number for the screen would be helpful

I do not have the model number for the screen as i cut up the back metal casing which had it printed on :(

annoying thing is that was like 2 weeks ago :angry: I will google the dvd player and see if i can find anything, though i doubt it will reveal anything. the model number is: GDVD67W3LCDK (goodmans)

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So links so far:

VGA Pinout (there is also a tut on his page as well for RBG to VGA)


Refresh rate app(MAC only)


Now you need a pin out for the lcd cable or for the controller its self. Best thing to do is start googling chips on the lcd board, if you make a list and post i will help as well.

Also if the screen turns out to be analog then you might have some troubles, but if its digital then your in luck and it shouldnt be to hard at all to accomplish this :).

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Now you need a pin out for the lcd cable or for the controller its self. Best thing to do is start googling chips on the lcd board, if you make a list and post i will help as well.

Okay the chips i have found so far (text layed out as it is on the chip)




0418 B(superscript)




These two chips are microcontrollers with pins on all four sides, there are other smaller chips which only have pins on two sides and are listed below:



UnNO4 Two of these chips, one per side







I hope these mean something to someone becouse they sure as hell dont to me :huh:

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Ok, the SHARP IR3Y29B is the actuall video controller, for SOMETHING, and its analog.. SOOOO;

1. Is that on the LCD board OR on the board with the DVD player

If it is on the board with the DVD player then it may be for another rca input?

The IR3Y29B is also a video controller i have a full pin out and a 43 page pdf on that.. I am almost positive this is what controls the lcd, and it looks like it accepts digital input :D. Interesting pins are;








40: B IN

41: G IN

42: R IN


You get the picture.. theres a pull pinout in there.. just use the VGA one i posted earlier and maybe it will work.. do not jump into anything right now.. because it is late and i am not a spider expert or anything..

moving on...

The HC4053 is a Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer, it controls voltage so thats ghey. One is probally an input and the other an out put.

PM me and i will email you a full pdf on the IR3Y29B chip



www.arrowne. com/subsystems/catalogue/pdf/Arrow_Semis_IC_Support_(24).pdf

FOR HC4053


Keep in mind that i am tierd so do not take any of this to heart until i have time to comb over it :)

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Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of posts for the last few days but I have been really innundated with exams :(

Today my iBook got the full speed fan and blank screen of death :o

But I have spent the last few hours fixing it and it seems to be running okay now

As I had it open i took a few pictures of the underside of the logic board, luckily a cable covers my bad soldering so nobody can comment


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  • 3 weeks later...

Project halted for the time being due to a lack of resources (donor iBook stolen :( )

I dont suppose anyone has a spare ibook logic board, power board, heatsink and hard drive and dvd drive cables do they? (basically a headless ibook without the HDD DVD drive or battery)

Pm If you have any of these parts please

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Never trust your classmates... <_<

Yeah damn straight

I dont normally take it in, I was taking it to the apple store after school because i couldnt get the latest leopard update to install - i need it for the new iPhone SDK.

now I guess i dont need to worry about that anymore :P

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  • 1 month later...

Okay, i am still waiting for some parts to come about (or the funds to buy them with :P )

But I have made a 3d model - the measurements are all approximate at the moment so I expect the actual device to be a little thicker to accommodate the battery

The L+R trigger buttons will be keyboard inputs and will likely be used within OS X as function keys

The IR transmitter allows the UMPC to be used as a universal remote for all of my household gadgets :)

Any questions, please, feel free to ask




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Looks GREAT! Cant wait to see it.. I just moved back to the US so now i am just waiting on all my shit to get here. Did you ever get your lappy back?

Hi! long time no speak, no I never got my lappy back :( but a friend is selling me his 12" powerbook so that should be just as good ( he killed the hard disk so I have seen inside it and it is almost identical to the ibook)

only difference will be that I have a 1.5ghz processor as opposed to the 1.2 i was gonna have, I am lucky I took the ram out before it got stolen, so I have a spare Gig that is going right into that powerbook, bringing the total up to 1.25gb :D

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well when my things get here i have a few 2.5 80gig hhd laying around im sure i could spare, i just want to see the final result, its very cool

That would be awesome thanks :D as i dont like the sound of a 4gb HDD based UMPC >.<

I need to buy all of the components though so I wont be needing it just yet

But thankyou so much B)

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