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  1. I just saw that on hackaday - look at comment no. 3 I am so gonna submit my work to their site when it is done xD
  2. nope, not as of yet - still scouring eBay ;)
  3. That would be awesome thanks :D as i dont like the sound of a 4gb HDD based UMPC >.< I need to buy all of the components though so I wont be needing it just yet But thankyou so much B)
  4. Hi! long time no speak, no I never got my lappy back :( but a friend is selling me his 12" powerbook so that should be just as good ( he killed the hard disk so I have seen inside it and it is almost identical to the ibook) only difference will be that I have a 1.5ghz processor as opposed to the 1.2 i was gonna have, I am lucky I took the ram out before it got stolen, so I have a spare Gig that is going right into that powerbook, bringing the total up to 1.25gb :D
  5. Okay, i am still waiting for some parts to come about (or the funds to buy them with :P ) But I have made a 3d model - the measurements are all approximate at the moment so I expect the actual device to be a little thicker to accommodate the battery The L+R trigger buttons will be keyboard inputs and will likely be used within OS X as function keys The IR transmitter allows the UMPC to be used as a universal remote for all of my household gadgets :) Any questions, please, feel free to ask
  6. Yeah damn straight I dont normally take it in, I was taking it to the apple store after school because i couldnt get the latest leopard update to install - i need it for the new iPhone SDK. now I guess i dont need to worry about that anymore :P
  7. stolen whilst i was at school, out of my bag when in class didnt notice till later on now there is "nothing the school can do it was my own fault" <_<
  8. Project halted for the time being due to a lack of resources (donor iBook stolen :( ) I dont suppose anyone has a spare ibook logic board, power board, heatsink and hard drive and dvd drive cables do they? (basically a headless ibook without the HDD DVD drive or battery) Pm If you have any of these parts please
  9. How about this http://zedomax.com/blog/wp-content/uploads...cu-laptop-1.jpg seems to fit just what was suggested ;)
  10. Hey everyone, sorry about the lack of posts for the last few days but I have been really innundated with exams :( Today my iBook got the full speed fan and blank screen of death :o But I have spent the last few hours fixing it and it seems to be running okay now As I had it open i took a few pictures of the underside of the logic board, luckily a cable covers my bad soldering so nobody can comment http://cid-083118926b2a3a08.skydrive.live....ook%20internals
  11. Hey everyone, a little update today, i got this webcam from a friend who has broken the cable inside the swan neck for it, i was planning on putting it above the screen as an 'isight'. the origional product was mac compatible without crappy drivers xD
  12. Okay on the chip ID note, I just found a part number for the lcd controller board. this is what is written on the board: P/N:59-154-16000 PCB,D/B,CT908,(1102+1) Rev.A
  13. Okay the chips i have found so far (text layed out as it is on the chip) IR3Y29B SHARP JAPAN 0418 B(superscript) HiMAX HX8806ALA 441B-01CSS These two chips are microcontrollers with pins on all four sides, there are other smaller chips which only have pins on two sides and are listed below: HC4053 AM225 UnNO4 Two of these chips, one per side 37D 3414A 454V JRC 1102 GAAX I hope these mean something to someone becouse they sure as hell dont to me
  14. I do not have the model number for the screen as i cut up the back metal casing which had it printed on :( annoying thing is that was like 2 weeks ago I will google the dvd player and see if i can find anything, though i doubt it will reveal anything. the model number is: GDVD67W3LCDK (goodmans)
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