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The Asus Eee and the world outside... I'm sniffing trouble


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The Asus Eee is my first laptop, and my first opportunity to leave my home and sniff what kind of data is in the air outside. I'm using the built-in wireless and a Bluetooth USB dongle to "see" what's out there, especially in the train to work, or waiting in public places. These are basically my first proper steps in both Linux and wireless security (apart from a few fun tries with my Zaurus SL-5500), and I'm pretty much amazed by what's out there.

In the train, I'll always discover several enabled Bluetooth devices in my proximity. On a train station, you can usually access an open wireless network. Only paying for access goes through a secured HTTPS connection, after that, it's unencrypted unless you choose for security yourself (only HTTPS, use SSH, VPN etc.). I was really surprised by this, as it sounds like a lot of opportunities for "misschief" or worse, leakage of data off of business laptops.

For instance, I had my Eee spam every  Bluetooth device it discovered with an image. I walked through the train with the Eee in my backpack, and in the end I had spammed 22 Bluetooth devices!

I'm now trying out several other Bluetooth auditing/exploiting tools. I have no "black hat" aspirations, but I don't just wanna pretend everything's fine and dandy, and that every single person out there is gonna be a noble white hat hacker, refusing to listen to unprotected traffic out there just because mom said you shouldn't.

If you like to join me and learn from this together, maybe we can hook up and compare notes.

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A hacker is a hacker, they both can get the information, it's what the person does with the info that makes them them white black or gray...

sniffing traffic going across it's at the most white hat, spamming bluetooth with images is at the most gray.  It's not untill you sniff/redirect traffic so get passwords to then use or sell do you become black hat.

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