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changes to the usb hacksaw


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8-)hey guys, i found dat da usb hacksaw is quite easily detected by the AV scanners.  so i came up with my own version.

It remembers whether da usb drive was copied previously, by checking its free disk space and matching it up.  Also, this allows for checking whether da contents hav changed or not.  Also, without the "-try" parameter being passed to blat, it created an get_buffer error. 

Any suggestions to add features to da hacksaw ? Also, i will be posting its source code soon enough.  8-)

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You could also have hacksaw copy designated types of files (*.doc *.xls, etc) from the My Documents and other network shares and send them along with the files copied off the usb drive. It would be even better if it could remember what it had already copied so as not to repeatedly send the same files every day (unless they have changed since last copy).

Also, it would be nice to experiment with different delivery methods. Some networks block outbound port 25 so you need to maybe have it search for whatever proxy the logged in user uses to get out to the internet and then send out the goodies using that proxy, maybe through a webmail account if port 80 is the only port allowed outbound.

anyway, you asked for suggestions and here they are.  good luck.

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8-)hey guys, i found dat da ...

Great example of why we need the min posts.

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