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There have been many posts about pandora, but I was thinking, what if you could choose which song you downloaded? Somehow, the player encrypts? the url of the song, looking something like this: audio-eqx-sjl01.pandora.com/access?version=4&token=vB4Npl4hsrEfSiHAZz4iiuUAHgGsxTF4ZzqVe6X2RQ53iaerKo9r75lFopZSaNr6EKKaoy


if we could somehow decrypt it and re-encrypt it, wouldn't it be possible to download the song that you want to here. The only problem is that Cain & Able is not working and it does not look like a normal hash. it has nonhex characters(v, p, l, etc.). How could this be decrypted?

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If we could find out how it stores the song info in the var "token" then we could replace that with a song of our choice and download the song that we wanted, instead of waiting for it to show up. Somhow, pandora gets "Born in USA" or somthing like that from "vB4Npl4hsrEfSiHAZz4iiuUAHgGsxTF4ZzqVe6X2RQ53iaerKo9r75lFopZSaNr6EKKaoyjnDyUMGskN


if we could change that to a different artist and song, then we could download a different song of our choosing, did I make that clear or dare I try again?

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Yeah, I'd say if they are using encryption and that token isn't just a arbitrary value which represents the song in the database or a hash of an arbitrary value it will almost certainly be a modern cipher which you never going to break.

If you are going to download the song illegally then then I don't see the point in using Pandora, just use P2P stuff like everyone else.

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