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dvd drive killer


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Hey guys, i have a computer that seems to kill dvd drives. I had a DVD-RW DL writer, and after a while, when i put in a disc(no scratches) it wont recognize it. i swapped out the drive with a working one. in about 3 weeks, the same is starting to happen.....what is going on? help!

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no it does not. i mainly use it for copying cd's and backing up my old dvds.

Are you OVERBURNING the discs? If you allow overburn to max out a disc, it will eventually damage a drive.

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it will eventually damage a drive.


When you burn a normal 80min CD the laser stops a fair distance from going over the edge of the disc. When you overburn a cd, past 99min the laser writes to the physical edge of the disc. If it goes outside of the edge two things can happen- The lens focusing mechanism is damaged or the laser get misaligned from the track.

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