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Pandora Stopped Working, "Pandora Recently Updated It's Music Player..."


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I have been using Pandora/Jar all day, and halfway through a song I get the message;


Pandora recently updated its musci player and now your copy is out of date

Please refresh to get hte new player.


Has this happened before?

Just a cache fix, or is this an anti-jar patch?

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I was also on pandora all day yesterday, except i was using PandoraRip rather than pandora's jar, i got the same message about the player being updated and that i needed to refresh to fix it.  the only time the player would load was if i put it in flash 9 mode rather than flash 8.  just thought i'd share my experience. 

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I shuffled in the 1st NimbleX Linux Live CD that i could find with my Pandora module on it,

it's dating back to September 29 and yet nothing has changed for me.  I can still find the

cover in '/root/.mozilla/firefox/ ... /Cache/', there's still a '/tmp/plugtmp/' directory with an

extension-less 'plugtmp-x' .MP3 sound file in it, besides the 'plugtmp' sub-directory which

is hosting the 'v14'/'v14-x' files with 'tuner_8_2_0_2_pandora_mini.swf'...  Too bad the

module never attracted the attention of a Linux Guru, all those lost months of potentially

problem free "time-shifting"!  That's a shame...  Imagine if someone with the skills had

cared to fix the "Grab" button six months ago!...


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