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  1. i have noticed that if i leave it running for long periods of time, then the resources of my computer slowly continue to get eaten up, but usually its fire fox thats got all the ram and most of the clock cycles, pandorarip (that i've noticed at least) only seems to take up clock cycles when its actively getting a song, but when it does it takes a good chunk. just what i've noticed throughout my use. -v
  2. when i was trying to use the customizer on my u3 drive, i had it password protected, but after i entered the password the customizer found the drive. if i were you i would disable the password before using the customizer just in case it might mess something up. when i did it i didn't disable the password and i think it messed up my drive, at any rate it wont open in windows anymore. -v
  3. I was also on pandora all day yesterday, except i was using PandoraRip rather than pandora's jar, i got the same message about the player being updated and that i needed to refresh to fix it. the only time the player would load was if i put it in flash 9 mode rather than flash 8. just thought i'd share my experience.
  4. I agree, this program is awesome, I have not had any problems with this version. Excellent work on this. I agree that it would be nice to have better quality album art for when I'm listening with cover-flow on my computer or something. I have noticed that every once in a while it misses the first track or two that plays but it grabs all the ones after that, so I'm not really worried about it, i just thought you might like to know. Excellent work my friend, looking forward to the next release. Thanks man
  5. just wondering, is there a way to be able to choose the file path that it downloads to? i use this on computers that aren't mine, and i would rather not have to copy the tracks to my flash drive when i'm done. thanks for the awesome program. -v
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