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  1. Answer found here; http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,6014.0.html Mozilla updated itself.
  2. After about 3GB of music I am noticing that a very large amount of music is incorrectly labeled. Is there anything I did wrong when installing or operating JAR? Thanks.
  3. Seems to have fixed itself, for me at least. Must have been a new flash player with the same filename. Just needed to clear cache. Was buggy for about an hour, but then it was smooth. Odd. Glad jar is still working!!!
  4. I have been using Pandora/Jar all day, and halfway through a song I get the message; ------ Pandora recently updated its musci player and now your copy is out of date Please refresh to get hte new player. ------ Has this happened before? Just a cache fix, or is this an anti-jar patch?
  5. fixed. messed around with settings - specifically itunes settings. Currently, working settings: Pandora Username : xxxxx MP3 Save Directory: C:UsersxxxxxDesktopjar Temp Directory: [blank] Saving using hierarchical folder structure: off Add to itunes library: off CDDB Lookup: off Cruise Control: on Songs Before Reload: 30 Settings: false Info: false FireFox version Flash 8.0
  6. Pandora successfully runs within localhost, but only the first song of each load will download. All other tracks don't download. No error, and the get track info seems correct - but no download. Any ideas?
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