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wierdo BackTrack2


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ok, so umm... I was playing with BT2 today and I was using uhh bkhive+samdump2+rainbow tables

getting the passwords to all the local accounts on my computer just for fun, to show myself how

unsecure they were, so anyways....

my stepdad actually has a computer in our basement and he has it password protected my little brother

saw him type it in before over his shoulder and he said it was all numbers, no letter characters so I'm thinking

well that would be soooo easy to generate rainbow tables for that charset HELL I'd even john it lol

so I went down there and popped it in and I walked away because I have better things to do than watch text

roll up my screen anyways I forgot about the part where I pick the resolution and the 30seconds expired and

idk I guess it autopicked for me, anyways I got back and logged in root/toor then ranĀ  startx and well the screen

went black and I waited for like 5minutes it never recovered, so I rebooted and well this time I set the resolution

myself then when it was time for me to login, it kept saying incorrect login, I checked for CAPS + I typed as slow

as I know how still coming up incorrect

finally I got frustrated and decided to use it on my moms computer which actually only has 1 pass-protected account

....mine, still I wanted to crack it just for fun and/or experience, and now I'm getting problems running startx

the first time when I did this I used xconf and that worked like a charm however, on my mothers pc I was not able to

use startx or xconf and now I'm frustrated any insight or anyone with this common issue who managed to overcome?

Thanx in advanced

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sounds like a video driver error... so don't use a gui


Try setting it to VESA 800x600 standard default settings if you must have GUI, but that is not a garuntee it will work.

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I suppose I dont absolutely need to use a GUI all I wanna do is

run bkhive+samdump2

after I login instead of running startx I tried to mount my HD and

run bkhive on it, and it said that it didnt recognize bkhive as an

internal command or something similar to that... without the GUI

I suppose I would need to manually write down the LM hashes I

get and then reboot in windows to crack them (I use plain-text.info)

because generating my own tables = very time consuming

I'd much rather piggyback off theres. only advantage of having your

own would be an offline attack, which depending upon the situation

that could prove to be useful

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well cracking them isnt nearly as important as dumping them not to mention

I can always take the hashes home and crack them.

unless I had RTables on my flashdrive, but the biggest one I have is only 2GB

perhaps I should buy a 4GB one, and use it exclusively for hash cracking

...not that I crack so many hashes that that would even be necessary, but

it would still be cool to have in addition to my switchblade, perhaps to show

of to a friend one day =p

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