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Safe To Install?


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I was planning to install winxp on my vista laptop.

There is a second partition on the system, I'm guessing it was to be used for backup purposes, do you guys think it would be safe to install on it?

Also I've heard of support problems and was unsure.... I have an acer 5050 with vista home basic. I'm planning to add window xp pro slipstreamed with sp2. safe?


aside from the fact that vistas not all that great I wonder of the performance boot xp would have with all the extra hardware (ie: 2GB ram as apposed to the 512mb on my desktop pc)

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I would be careful deleting that partition.  Ideally when you get a new laptop you should repartition it and reinstall the OS.  When it comes like this sometimes they stick system critical files on a small partition.  A few years ago I deleted a small partition, and poof, the OS would not boot.

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:/ ic

I would have just installed xp from the start but I got it for my birthday and my parents didn't want me to mess with it.

at this point they won't mind but I don't want to have to transfer all of my files if there is another way.....

But then again if the samething that happened to you happens to me im screwed anyway.

What if I don't format the partition and just install xp in it, this if there were some files hiding it wouldn't mess up the os?

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not to be rude but for you both those idea a dumb

First off the 2nd partition I'm guessing is only ~2gig thats not enough for XP to live happily

second you're going to have a bitch of a time getting vista to work after you install XP to the Vista restore partition

because XP will write its own boot sector and you will no longer be able to boot into vista and you cant then fix vista because the restore is gone

either backup data

delete Vista

install XP

then install vista (even if you can from the recovery partition you're going to want to make sure you can first)

otherwise get a ext HD yo can get a good one for 20-40 USD and put XP on that

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