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Help with Dual Booting OS with Multiple Hard Disks


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Can anyone give me some detailed help on copying the MBR from a Linux disk to my separate C: drive on a Windows XP disk? My intentions are to use the boot. ini to point to the Linux MBR file on the windows disk and then load which ever OS I choose from there independent hard disks with NTLDR.  I have read articles on the web on how to do this but I'm screwing up somewhere with copying the Linux MBR.  I am using Backtrack 2. 0 on a 6 gig disk and Windows XP on a 80 gig disk.  I want to use Vmware to run both OS simultaneously from there independent hard disks, but that shouldn't be a problem If I can get NTLDR to load Linux. 

I'm a newbie but I'm reading everything i can to learn,

thanks in advance for any help.  

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It's much easier to have GRUB/LILO do OS selection menu.

Also, backtrack should be fine running from it's own partition where it is installed in VMware (if windows allows VMware to access a partition directly). However windows won't be nearly as happy.

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What version of Vmware are you using? The only one I have used does not boot systems directly, but run virtually in a VM. In otherwords, you would have to create a virtual machine from each Disc image or directly from a Windows installed system and then run them seperately within whatever host system your running vmware on. As long as Vmware can see the HD, it should be able to clone a VM out of it, or you may have to create a Disc image from the Linux side, but it can make a clone of any windows installation natively(I think).


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