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Nosy question.

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Rent $595  2 bedroom townhouse, attached garage, central air, blah blah...

Gas for furnace/water heater- budget billing at $75

Electric- $80

Water- $45(but I have 2 kids and do a lot of laundry)

Cable/Internet-$68(got a huge discount for a year, then its $110)

Cells (our only phones)- $170, but that's also used for my business

Car Insurance- $68 for 2 cars

Netflix- $18

That's the basics. Credit cards will vary depending on you. We don't currently have car payments, but that may change if I buy my mom-in-law's Grand National. We also live in a rural area. Tomah WI.

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Rent $540 - I live with 2 others, one sleeps in a study and pay a lil less

Water / Elect $50-$60

Internet / Line Rental $59 - Its my own connection no one else helps pay for it

Cell (only phone i use) $50 - $1000 - im on a $50 cap, which gives me $300 worth of calls, though i have been known to go a little over it ;)

Car Insurance $300 per year

Car Rego $560 Per year

Credit Card $$$ - I dont tend to use it much unless i need to, or for Birthday giifts or extreamly large phone bills, though atm its all payed off.

All the prices are on avg for the month, and prices being in AUS $, though being Xmas, the water and Elect bills will be cheaper (the 3 of us are spending time wif family), though the Cell and CC will probs increass :(

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