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Make sure I am running Firefox ?


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Hi Folks - great board,uber cool idea in PJ !

I am a noob here, but not a computer noob, and I neither wish to bore anyone with 1000 details nor to be obnoxious, BUT:

After spending a considerable time installing all the required stuff and tweaking it up to actually have it open and run - PJ

'looks' like it is working, until I tell it to rip, then it logs this:

'unable to rip MP3 unable to find file make sure you have Pandora running in a FIRFOX browser'

Uh - hello - 'scuse me, of course I am running FF (v 2. 0. 0. 6) !!!

(I see that and feel like I must have slipped into the twilight zone or something !!!)

I have seen other post this error, but no solution has appeared that I've seen, so for now I am doing the manual thing

where one finds the temp locations used by Pandora and just grabs the gibberish named files and renames them into

the MP3's they actually are anyhow. . . . but it would be extra cool if PJ could actually work after the efforts I put into

getting the darn thing to open and run !

Anyone get past that error yet ?

And here's another question which may help anyone who is stuck in the same limbo I am in:

Is there any way to automate renaming the temp files from '8547368937654637781' or 'plugtmp-1-1' to their real names ?

That would be a huge help for now....

Thanks !


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Hey.  I had the same problem you did but got it up and running a minute ago.  I uninstalled the version I was running (dark_one05's 8. 1. 0) and downloaded the latest one (dark_one05's 8. 1. 1).  You can find it in the thread "Pandora's Jar 8. 1. 1 installers (Updated 10/19/07) (comes with all needed fixes)" thread.  First off, make sure you've got the right stuff running:

-Flash switcher with Flash 8. 0 r24 running. 

-Greacemonkey and PJ script installed in firefox.

-A recent version of java.

-The dark_one05 edition of Pandora's jar, version 8. 1. 1

If you have all this and are still having problems then make sure you've fully uninstalled the version you're using now and then installed the latest version (8. 1. 1. ).  Hope this helps.  :D


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Thanks for your reply Jackelope84 !

Truth is, the only version of PJ I have ever had is the latest one you pointed out - version 8. 1. 1 .

And, as you also said, I have installed:

-Flash switcher with Flash 8. 0 r24 running.

-Greasemonkey and PJ script installed in firefox.

-the most recent version of java.

The truth of Pandora's jar, I'm afraid, is that it seems to work differently for each system; this is

the impression I have gotten from reading all the posts here about people's troubles with it.

Best Wishes.


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if the flash switcher is not working  for your  Pandora install, then try method 2 listened here http://forums.hak5.org/index.php/topic,6014.0.html

it generally gives better results but theres one down side to using method 2,

you will have to edit that pluginreg file each time you update firefox (the good thing is that it requires no extra firefox extensions )

also make sure your using the latest firefox

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