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  1. Thanks for your reply Jackelope84 ! Truth is, the only version of PJ I have ever had is the latest one you pointed out - version 8. 1. 1 . And, as you also said, I have installed: -Flash switcher with Flash 8. 0 r24 running. -Greasemonkey and PJ script installed in firefox. -the most recent version of java. The truth of Pandora's jar, I'm afraid, is that it seems to work differently for each system; this is the impression I have gotten from reading all the posts here about people's troubles with it. Best Wishes. smallhagrid
  2. Hi Folks - great board,uber cool idea in PJ ! I am a noob here, but not a computer noob, and I neither wish to bore anyone with 1000 details nor to be obnoxious, BUT: After spending a considerable time installing all the required stuff and tweaking it up to actually have it open and run - PJ 'looks' like it is working, until I tell it to rip, then it logs this: 'unable to rip MP3 unable to find file make sure you have Pandora running in a FIRFOX browser' Uh - hello - 'scuse me, of course I am running FF (v 2. 0. 0. 6) !!! (I see that and feel like I must have slipped into the twili
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