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  1. Just a note to say that when you have the time and if you are so inclined, a linux port of this project would make a lot of people very happy Awesome work so far.
  2. I've been using PJ for a while, but have recently given up WinXP in favor of Ubuntu 7.10. I read the tutorial by FlyingSaucrDude about using PJ in Wine, but since PJ is all java, there should be an easier way...er...right?? :-? If anyone could tell how to get it working in linux without Wine, I'd be grateful. If not, its back to playing with Wine until I get PJ working. Thanks in advance for the help. (I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but i didn't see it in the forums)
  3. I'm surprised there's not more interest in timeshifting Slacker on this forum. I was playing around with Slacker to see if it was possible, and it turns out that it uses the exact same folder as Pandora does to store its files. But, as long as you leave the player running it doesn't delete the files like Pandora does. This means you could potentially leave Slacker running for a few hours and then just copy over the mp3's. A handful of them are already even tagged! In case you don't know where the MP3's are saved, for most people (using Win) its " C:Documents and Settings[your computer's name]L
  4. konfoo, this thing is awesome....buggy but awesome. how does it work? i ask because it ripped a song before it played on pandora. is it moving the files from the temp directory like pandora's jar, or does it actually pull the songs off of pandora's server? i'm guessing its the latter. anyway, very nice work
  5. Hey. I had the same problem you did but got it up and running a minute ago. I uninstalled the version I was running (dark_one05's 8. 1. 0) and downloaded the latest one (dark_one05's 8. 1. 1). You can find it in the thread "Pandora's Jar 8. 1. 1 installers (Updated 10/19/07) (comes with all needed fixes)" thread. First off, make sure you've got the right stuff running: -Flash switcher with Flash 8. 0 r24 running. -Greacemonkey and PJ script installed in firefox. -A recent version of java. -The dark_one05 edition of Pandora's jar, version 8. 1. 1 If you have all this and are s
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