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Fortress(The program)


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Well my school uses a program to try and block all of our actions called Fortress. Website: http://www.anfibia-soft.com/products/sfortress/index.htm

Can someone help me with understanding this...

Me and my friend have figured out that if you bring in a copy of Firefox on and USB or CD(I'm not 100% sure if it works with other version), original version 2.0, use notepad, Right-Click and click Run As.., and run it that way it actually makes a "choke in the network" and stops Fortress from working. I still have no clue why it does it considering I have tried 1 other version of Firefox and it doesn't work, plus I have compared it to the exact same thing after downloading it and they are the same. One thing I did notice though is that if you re-name the Firefox.exe to ieexplorer.exe or iexplorer.exe(I forget which) it only works this way, if you rename it back to Firefox, Firefox works again except for actually being able to use it as a browser(meaning it just brings up the browser trying to load a page 24/7).

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The fortress must be a really shitty program (excuse my French).  The systems admin should have set up security with an active directory on 2003, not use some crap program.  I have no idea why it would do that, but serves your school right for not setting up the computers like they should be.

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to get firefox to work, you will need to get the proxy settings for the network, when using IE goto: "Tools > Internet Options > Connections (Tab) > Lan Settings" there you will find infomation about the proxy server address and port. Make note of this.

In firefox goto: "Tools > Options > Advanced (Tab) > Netowork (Mini Tab) > Settings" here you can input the infomation for the Proxy Server, this will allow Firefox to work at skool / work, but will not allow you to bypass the site filtering (well shouldnt).

As for fortress, it is lookin for exact names in an allow list, this means applications like explorer.exe will be allowed to be used were as game.exe wont be, from here on in i will stop helping but with this paragraph is enough infomation to be able to use what ever application you like.

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