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Forwarding ports through CMD [help


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Hello I remeber an episode where you guys were showing how to open ports for starcraft by making a batch file, these commands you showed,

netsh firewall delete portopening TCP 6112

netsh firewall delete portopening TCP 6113

netsh firewall delete portopening TCP 6114

netsh firewall delete portopening TCP 6115

netsh firewall delete portopening TCP 6116

netsh firewall delete portopening TCP 6117

netsh firewall delete portopening TCP 6118

netsh firewall delete portopening TCP 6119

opened ports for the windows firewall

Is there a way to enable these on the routers firewall or to forward them with a batch or command..

My router firewall is very anal even with local outgoing conections, Me being a big time gamer, thought it would be nice if soemone could show us how to just forward the ports for the router not just the windows firewall..


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I don't think it's possible.  I have to configure my ADSL router via a web browser and there is no command line option.  I'd be interested to know if there are any ADSL routers which allow it.  It would make reconfiguring (after a reset if the configuration file hasn't been saved) via a batch file very simple.

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well not only would it be easier then goign through the web console, but i always have friends haveing trouble with this, and stops us form gaming together.. wouldl be nice just to send them a bat file and walla its done..

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If you use a *nix based router with ssh access you could use a shell script to do it. I''ve not tried scripting ssh sessions myself but I assume that it would be possible to create a script you could run locally which would connect to your router an run the relevant commands. You could also look at controlling it via SNMP, but I doubt your router supports it. An even lower tech solution would be to use one of those "record your mouse movement" programs, but thats so ugly I'll leave it to someone else to explain.

The important thing is to tell us what OS your running, what your router is, and if its been hacked or not (wrt54g and so forth). Most comerical grade routers don't come with anywhere near the right stuff to pull this off in a way that would be as elegant as the local firewall scripts. If that is the case, your only option would be upgrading the router hardware.

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ok good to know, Well pretty basic stuff my os WIN xp HOME , router LINKSYS WRT54GS.. this is very common set up for the average gamer in my opionion. btu woudl be nice if there was a general command with say NETSH to use so other can use it too.. ty for your info on the NIX router too..

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OK thank you so much Vako you have been extremely helpfull, Ill work on this and when its finished and tested ill post it here..

thanks again

read ALL the info you can get on dd-wrt BEFORE you flash(install) the new firmware with the gs you're going to need the micro (it's still do what you want but you'll lose a few features that you'll probably never need)
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if you are going to look at hacking the WRT's a great resource on the web is Paul and Larry over at www.pauldotcom.com. These guys have released a great book called 'Linksys WRT54G Ultimate Hacking' a great book about all of the things you can do to the WRT's. Alongside this there is a site http://www.wrt54ghacks.com/ check that out for useful info also.

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