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Bluetooth+GPS+Media Player+qwerty= phone? FIND ME A PHONE! PLEASE


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Ok I'm on my fucking third phone this WEEK first was Moto v551 as my old phone... next was the Helio Ocean, and then the blackberry 8830.

And none of them do everything I need them to. 

So I'm fucking tired of CSRs who know nothing, or who lie and tell me that these phone support bluetooth tethering. So I need your help I need a phone any phone/pda other then a PALM OS or AT&T for a Service Provider with these features...

1)Bluetooth tethering

2)GPS + google maps

3)Full qwerty keyboard

4)Audio/Video player (at least 2gigs of space/microSD spot)

5)SSH client in some form

6)a Phone so anything like the n800 doesn't count

7)and it has to fit in my pocket

I know I'm really picky and it has to be under 369$ after a 2yr contract discount.

Go find me a phone so I don't have to have bye program set it up the way I like and return any more phones.


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Its damn new but you should be able to find a tytn 1. Another thing to bare in mind is that while HTC make these devices, until recently they only sold the unlocked versions under the HTC name. There usually sold under business contracts using vendor specific names like Orange SPV 3100 or O2 XDA.

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