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pc problems


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hi guys im just fixing  friends pc he has a weird problem. the problem is when he turns his pc on it yurns on but there is no posting i think, hdd led keeps flashing, and no signal on screen, and makes a weird noise that get higher and lower like a alarm, i tried replace the hdd but nothing i replaced the gfx card still nothing i replaced ram still nothing i have no cpu that i can use but cpus dont fuk up that often i think its the mobo wat u guys think

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It could be that his motherboard has failed. The CMOS chip or the motherboard battery could have gone bad. Unfortunitly there could be a butt load of problems with your motherboard that could be causing this issue. It could be that the memory BUS is bad. You should look up what the beeps meen. It should tell you. Just google it.

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no not cmos battery i tried it, ok these is a noise coming from the power suply it sounds like when u keep restarting continuesly its like a ticlking sound that i thought was coming from hdd then i disconeced th hdd then i was likke wtf where is this sound coming from, shortly after i realised its powersupply. i think there is a prob woth the mother boards power bus blown up or sumthing FUCK

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