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Sony MiniDisc for data storage


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So I was going through a box of old MP3 players and I found a couple of those Sony MD players that were all the rage like 3 years ago. Obviously, since they are a Sony product, they didn't last very long. However, I noticed that I have a significant amount of those MD discs. I don't think they'd store much data, but it would be a neat mod. So if any of you have found out how to do it, or already know how or have any idea on how to get this started that would be awesome. Also, if you know this isn't possible, please let me know. Thanks.

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The first of which is Sony's new audio media for replacing the the 10 year-old 80-min MiniDisc. Comparatively, Hi-MD can hold 1GB data whereas MiniDisc can store 305MB or 80 minutes of music. (http://www.everythingusb.com/sony_ds-hmd1.html)

Looks like you can do it, no idea if the drives are still around though, might take a little searching to find them. Seems they were available from several manufacturers in both internal and external flavours. They don't seem to hold a great deal though, from the old discs and drives storing around 140MB to the newer drives and HD discs holding somewhere close to 1GB. Still, if it means those MDs don't go to waste, may as well use them if you can. Good luck finding a drive though, if you get it working tell us how it goes.

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