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WinXP on a Thumbdrive


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Probably old news, but for those who want to boot XP on the road or system recovery, similar to a livecd, you can boot XP from a usb drive instead.

Now, people might say, why not just have a linux live cd, but for people who want to repair a windows pc or recover files and burn them using the same cd/dvd drive, the usb version might better suit your needs instead of a livecd taking up the burner. Also, for those who are not too familiar with Linux to begin with, this is an alternative method of taking your system with you on the road, granted you have the space for your files on the portable drive. I imagine it could probably be done for Vista as well, but have not tried it yet.


Used in combo with: http://krakow.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2007/07/19/278650.aspx I am sure there are all sorts of things you can come up with.

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Well the only problems with doing this is that Windows will take up lots of space on the USB and booting a OS from a USB drive is very slow so do not expect to get much work done. No offense to Windows users but I would personally wish to install a small Linux distro onto a USB drive instead of Windows.

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