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Save tags (request?)


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Something I would die to see implemented in Pandora are save tags, so that you could enter a tag, such as "gym", then press "grab this track", and Pandora would save it normally, but with "gym" in the comments area of the file.

That would greatly help me organize my songs so that I didn't have slow songs in my playlist for the gym.

Consideration appreciated.

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one idea would be for you to create a station that is titled "Gym" and make sure that all the songs that are in that station are the kind you like....

then when you grab the songs, they will all be in a folder called "Gym" and you can create your playlists off of that.

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pandora cf7 saves by station name and artist name

but  for me that feature  never really gets the station name (i may be doing something wrong)

As far as I can remember, it had worked, but if you put it in quickmix, it will say "quickmix".

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