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  1. one idea would be for you to create a station that is titled "Gym" and make sure that all the songs that are in that station are the kind you like.... then when you grab the songs, they will all be in a folder called "Gym" and you can create your playlists off of that.
  2. Either I did something wrong, or else this isn't working. I rechecked the grabber file after running this script (puppy version) and the grabber file still had "puppy". I decided to try it out anyway and run Pandora's Jar and funny enough I was unable to push any buttons. The settings "save" function didn't work, the grab buttond doesn't respond. Nothing. So I decided to revert back to my backup file. Ran Pandora's Jar again and I was prompted for cookies (i have firefox setup to prompt me for cookies each time a cookie doesn't exist or has expired). After accepting cookies from Local
  3. I'm assuming by the 113 views and no replies yet that people might have run across this problem too and were looking for a solution. Can someone at least please confirm that they are experiencing it too so I don't feel like such a chump here :-(
  4. Every day, I have to re-populate my settings. Its getting a bit annoying. The "Save Settings" button does nothing. I have FF Pandora's Jar Ver: 7.4.0 Beta_CF7 last.fm Settings: User: PenDragon Password: xxxxxxxxx last.fm Data YES Grabber Settings: PandoraUserName: fuderyuu Style: Pandora Add to itunes library: NO CDDB Lookup: YES Cruise Control: NO Songs Before Reload: 30 Hide on Start:
  5. Ok figured it out. Totally a jackass mistake (as I guess they all are at this point since all the answers ARE here, u just have to read a bit). Its a bit jumbled but I'll try and explain for other people that might be in the same situation as me. I have Flash Switcher AND I also have my Firefox setup to sync between all my computers using Foldershare. When a Foldershare sync failed between computers because I happened to open up FF at one of the computers that wasn't synced before applying the Pandora fixes WHILE I still had FF open at the 1st computer, everything got all screwed up. To put
  6. I tried, but after looking at the pandoraGrabber.js file that GunMetal's installer creates, it seems the MrMath fix is already in place because instead of having instances of DownloadMP3 i have puppydownloadMP3 and where downloadMP3Response i have puppydownloadMP3Response So I don't know what to do now. I'm telling you, it worked the first day I had the installer going, now its not.
  7. Hi all... I am having a problem where I just simply can't "grab this track". I installed Pandora's Jar using the awesome installer posted here by GunMetal and following the instructions and it worked great that same day. Grabbed 'bout 8 tracks I liked that day. Then I went home for the day from work and a few days later when I wanted to listen to Pandora again it just didnt work any longer. I tried re-installing it again by first deleting the old Pandora folder and still nothing. I checked the log file and this is what shows up as soon as I hit the "Grab This Track" button: INFO Thread-2
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