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wetelectrics world of warcraft bonanza


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Please be using firefox + noscript and adblock. Click from home aswell.


Thought i'd put together a nice little WoW funniest clips compilation. Damn these are some sad bastards.

You might be thinking searching for these then putting tem toger is sad too....well....my logical and well reasoned argument to that is..... fuk u! :lol:


Guy caught jacking off to an elf. This mad me laugh so much i prolapsd my 'annus'

A fuckin wedding online. I shit u not. This one mad me cry and lose faith in all of humanity

Pure pwnage.classic! boom headshot! With this its more the song! Made me re-evaluate my PP hatred. gna download this shit from ep 1 now.

i do my little turn on the catwalk..on the... no no no no no no non niet. Takes geek-ness to a new level

See this is what the

does to you

ok a classic ' leeroy ' clip. a leeroy im guessing is a WoW n00b that generally gets everyone killed due to their n00bish ways. kinda like our forum pet monkeys

and finally the classic

"The second "reality" check was when this group of Warcraft players otherwise known as a guild interrupted a memorial service. Apparently, some dude dies in real life who is a popular WoW player. The people in the game think it would be nice to have a memorial for the player so they log into his account, take the character to a lake, and set it up for everyone to come pay their respects.

A bunch of dudes decide this would be a great time to ambush everyone so they run over a hill, kill the dead guy's character, and then wipe out everyone who was there to show their respects. They filmed the whole thing and put it on the net for everyone to see.

funeral sabotage! again.laughing.bleeding.pancreaus explosion[/u]

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