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sandisk crack possible?


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Using a decent hex editor you should be able to examine a drives contents(minus the files on the disk), but never took a look at one of them so not sure if it will show up in there. If it does, then I would guess that it could somehow be over written.

EDIT: I use http://www.kibria.de to look at my usb drive. You would not use the file open option, but the DISK option in the menu to then search the sandisk. To make sure your looking at the correct drive, open the drive, then remove the disk and try to open the same one. If you get an error opening it, then you have found it. The reason to do it this way is because the drives are listed as "partition" and you won't know them by drive letter. There is no display of the drive letter within this hex editor when opeing the disk itself, but maybe a different one might list the actual drive letter, making it easier to access the contents.

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