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This weekend I tried upgrading the dirve in my xbox to an 80GB that I just took out of my pc. Went through the drive upgrade wizard w/ no problems. I get it back together and XBMC seemed a bit... twitchy. "My Programs" would not display anything in the main window until I turned directory flattening off. I had tried increasing the search dir depth in the XLM file but to no effect. Also the control buttons on the left (search, sort, etc.) were displaying odd things unless I went back to main menu and came back in. "My Videos" was doing the same thing about not displaying items in the main view unless I went back to main and came back in. Also it was locking up when trying to play some videos. it seemed like it was filesize related. Music and weather worked fine. Scripts were a bit twitchy as well, but they always are. I opened the unit several times to ensure everything was connceted properly, checked to make sure all the modchip pins were still in place. But to no avail. I finally put the original drive back in place and everything runs fine.

Has anyone else experienced problems like this? The drive I put in is not lockable but I thought that didn't matter as long as I did not try to go into original bios. I was going to go and buy a drive that is listed as being lockable, but I don't want to shell out the cash if the same prob is going to occur again.

I've got a Xenium Ice modchip

New drive was a WD 80GB (I don't have the model# on hand)

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