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Hi all.  I'm learning batch and I'm trying to write a batch file with an option to be able to switch from a 98 directory structure to a XP structure  using a menu option.  I'm using this to archive my docs on my  on a removable drive and I want to create one batch, when run, that asks me what OS is it running on and xcopies the right directories when the correct OS is selected.  I have the xcopy down for 98 and XP, but I have no idea how -or if- you can have a menu to form one batch file.  Any ideas?

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If "set /p" works in 98 you could use...

@ECHO off
ECHO 1.Win98
SET /p os=Which OS are you using?

IF '%os%'=='1' GOTO Win98
IF '%os%'=='2' GOTO WinXP

ECHO You selected Windows 98
::Win98 XCOPY goes here
GOTO end

ECHO You selected Windows XP
::WinXP XCOPY goes here
GOTO end


Although I am not sure if set /p works in Win98

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