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Power friendly file server!


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Been thinking about getting/building a file server, tired of having the computer on when using XBMC. Plus I would like to start backing up my music, lost so much over the years from reinstalls.

I'm wondering what would be the most power friendly option:

HD in LAN enclosure

old machine running freenas(been thinking about this since i saw it in the show)

old machine with full O/S (Like a  guide i found on digg, like the extra functionality i.e torrents!)

either of the previous 2 but new DIY machines (using older components, mainly been thinking about this for reliability reasons)


http://www.bit-tech.net/bits/2007/06/05/bu...ur_own_server/1 (Link for the guide i found on digg!)

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Well if you’re talking about power friendly then a HD in LAN enclosure would be best. You could build something that would consume less power but it would be more expensive, unless you are looking for 2TB and upwards.

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When you do this you're probably going to put up a RAID for data safekeeping, yes? That probably will mean that the bulk of the power consumed by the device will be taken by the harddisks themselves. For reference, I've been reliably running a Mini-ITX and 2 harddisks off of a 60W PicoPSU, and WD are kind enough to specify that these harddisks pull about 20 Watts of power each.

Note that Mini-ITXes come in all shapes and sizes these days. For now I'm mosly looking at the ones Jetway makes, as they support faster memory, gigabit ethernet and higher-frequency fanless processors, at a lower cost than the VIA ones. But you can get one that takes an Intel Core Duo (or whatever those things are called) if you've got money to burn.

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