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Sega Megadrive - Winamp External Controls


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Hey all,

Id just thought ill share my latest finished project with you all. A sega Megadrive (I think it was released under the name of geneses in the US :?) Controller that controls the functions of winamp. Basically I hyjacked the switches in the original controler to a different pin on the orginal serial plug. Then download a little program called COMcrtl. All works great i can fast forward , rewind, play, stop, volume up/down and other stuff. It looks identical to before i touched it. It rocks lol. I just thought id share it with you.

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Sounds awesome.

I recall a hack-a-day that did a similar hack but with switches quite a while ago. I've always wanted to do the same but wireless and with a NES controller that I have somewhere is my junk bin back home. I just don't have the time anymore, damn classes.

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