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Anybody know of a remote admin tool that does sort of like reverse connection? Sort of like a VNC that you don't have to forward ports on the router? Also that isn't an already known trojan. I've looked at a few online that I wasn't too impressed with.

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Sweeett! Thanks guys. That's even better that VNC does it. So no port forwarding required as long as the server is running on a machine inside my home lan, we'll say I have 3 machines with the server installed, but the server is installed on a different port on each machine I can just connect by entering my WAN IP/DNS:port and reach my destined machine?

I'm gonna do some searching now on that I'm sure it'll be easy to find being VNC. Also Darren that would be great if you could do a segment on this or SSH reverse connection :-D

Thanks guys.

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