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The forums support mobile browsers!

Darren Kitchen

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Omg if you haven't tried the forums on your smartphone it's totally worth a look. I'm posting this now on a Treo650 and I'm loving the way it works for us road warriors. The navigation is logical and the UI is trimmed down to run really fast. Super mad props VaKo!

3 cheers for the king o' the forums!

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dude it just got better. just realized it supports hotkeys. meaning the pressing # activates the message index link, and 0-9 keys activate the top 10 forums/threads links. super spiffy.

now i'll never be far from the forums. woohoo!

(btw: this is really making my waiting at the DMV experience much better)

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I was thinking it was WAP. I've only seen hotkeys work with that. I've programmed a WML site before and aside from it being a little wonky to grok at first it really is a nice language. Sure it may have never caught on but I think it's totally useful in specific applications (like this)

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Wap did have its uses here in Sweden for a while, at least until most phones got proper browsers. Due to that I did some coding in that odd language as well, never really liked it.

The java Opera browser did not do nearly as well when trying to render the forums though, basically took the full site and just ripped out the images. On my small screen that doesn't work very well.

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