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Hi Everyone,

I've been messing around with Pandora and had a go with the Time Shifting Program.

It didn't work straight off the bat and I wasn't too fussed so I left it (no offense, it does look good).

I then had a look for flash media downloaders (i.e. programs that'll download any type of media streaming through flash)

Came across Replay Media Catcher. Apparently it used to be free or something but isn't anymore... doesn't matter.

Anyway the point is the interesting way it deals with pandora.

It listens for Mime Types in browser requests and then grabs the link.

As you might expect (ie if you did this manually) this results in a mp3 with SCRABAXO90HADF98Y34HASD89.MP3 as the file name....

and no tags.

But then as if by magic it changes the file name to Artist - Title.mp3

This is interesting as it isn't a Pandora specific program.

Anyhow, I look around the program and stubbed upon a file called MusicDNS.... interesting....google...


Basically there is a service that allows you to submit a hash of the mp3 you are listening to and it will return the Tags.

There is a DEV kit which allows you to make your own proggies to go search for the tags.

It's free for under 1000 MusicDNS checks a day but you don't even need to Register.

They also have a full blown organizer that does other stuff as well (except it won't rename the files, only the tagsĀ  ???)

It's well worth a look, if not for this project then just for something that is just incredible useful.

I last! I can find out who did all those unnamed MP3s I have acquired over the years...

- Comax

PS - Replay Media Catcher is pretty decent (just a little pricey), but the demo is worth a look. I might have a browse for Open Source Versions

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I don't think it's a hash, both because the page says is uses "unique acoustic fingerprint technology" and if it did use a hash I doubt it would work with songs from Pandora, because those MP3s will have a different hash to ones in common circulation on P2P networks (and it would be totally impractical, they'd have to find every version of an MP3 of a song, listen to it and enter its details into the DB). This is pretty cool though, since renaming and ID3 tagging MP3s is pretty boring.

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Well thats still a kind of hash... but you're right it's not of the file its of the "music" (The first 135 seconds of audio).

The Developers docs are very interesting (see bottom of http://musicip.com/dns/downloads.jsp)

2.Fingerprint - You will need the first 135 seconds of audio data in order to generate a fingerprint.

Using MusicDNS requires using a small piece of code to create an acoustic fingerprint (a 758 character string). This fingerprint can be sent to the MusicDNS server to retrieve a canonical identifier for the song (a Portable Unique IDentifier, or PUID), which will represent the song. If available, you can also retrieve the associated artist name and track title.

A sample PUID looks like this:


The complete system for creating and resolving fingerprints is also called the Open Fingerprint Architecture. This document was created with version 0.9.3 of the SDK.

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