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  1. Well thats still a kind of hash... but you're right it's not of the file its of the "music" (The first 135 seconds of audio). The Developers docs are very interesting (see bottom of http://musicip.com/dns/downloads.jsp)
  2. Hi Everyone, I've been messing around with Pandora and had a go with the Time Shifting Program. It didn't work straight off the bat and I wasn't too fussed so I left it (no offense, it does look good). I then had a look for flash media downloaders (i.e. programs that'll download any type of media streaming through flash) Came across Replay Media Catcher. Apparently it used to be free or something but isn't anymore... doesn't matter. Anyway the point is the interesting way it deals with pandora. It listens for Mime Types in browser requests and then grabs the link. As you might ex
  3. Was just about to ask if anyone had good "hacking" music... Luckily I searched first (I'm a forum pro me :roll: ...) Anyone got anymore suggestions? I kinda like some Pitchshifter and F-Zero X Guitar Edition is class.
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