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why isn't half this ram working ?


why isn't half this ram working ?  

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    • their not compatible
    • its not incerted correctly

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why isn't half this ram working ?

- (larger pic)



yeah this is a old box that was given to me and i'm now useing as a backup pc till my good one's fixed and i always though it only had 256mb ram but i just saw in cpu-z that it has 512MB but 2 different typse of ram , (that possibly aint compatible ?)

i guess they are incompatible but if not why would half not working ? ...

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Does the graphic card share memory with the ram? Chekc the bios and see if its set to use a certain amount of ram for the video.

My pc uses the ram for the graphics, so when I right click mycomputer and get the properties, I only see the available ram left over after the graphics card has used the rest. EX: 512 ram, 256 set for GPU will only show 256 ram available to the pc under system properties.

Or you just have bad memory...

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