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Guns are 'cool'?


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Timely article no?

Reading some of the posts it seems that quite a few people have not actually read the opening post. I know it is a bit long but read it *properly*, do *not* skim it, then comment.

It's one of those rare things, a post that can actually make you think.

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Enter:: Pro_Gun && Lifetime NRA member && 2nd Amendment Activist.

W4RP3D:: The "size" of a round actually not as important as you may think.

What matters is the grain (mass) of the round' date=' shape, design characteristics, and its velocities (both impact velocity and muzzle velocity)......and also to some extent how it impacts you.

Larger bullets != greater impact. in fact like in the original post your more likely to die from being shot with a .22 then a larger caliper from that range due to the aforementioned characteristics.


Ok well as I said im not expert I was wrong. Thanks for telling me


The U.S. is not the Wild West. There are very strict gun laws here...in most states....and gun law is largely governed by state law' date=' not national law.

There are very rarely any type of stand off between civilians with permits, and any type of government official.

Similarly there are very few instances where civilians with lawful gun permits are involved in shootings or armed conflicts with criminals.

Lastly: It is just as easy here as anywhere for criminals to get guns. Having fewer citizens lawfully carrying guns would not affect the ability of criminals to obtain them. And it is the criminals who engage in armed conflicts with government officials.

AND your a non US Citizen so your ill informed opinion about gun ownership in America, and or Gun laws in America, is a mute point and should be kept to yourself.[/quote']

Yes im fully aware that Im not well informed about gun laws in the US how every im fully aware that its much much easyer to get hold of a gun over there.

And I know its not the wild west what I was trying to say is that people do realy stupid and irrational things when there upset or scared, its ok haveing good intentions of buying a gun for protection, if i was in the states I would do the same thing. But when acting irrational its pritty easy to go were every you keep your gun and shoot some one the same way as if you found your girl friend having an affair your quite likly able to gonna kick the shit into the guy.

i found some statisitics: gun crime in the UK is less that 0.5% of all crime. I counldnt find the overal involment of guns in crime in America however I found that

In 2005, about 68% of all murders, 42% of all robberies, and 21% of all aggravated assaults that were reported to the police were committed with a firearm.

Sources: UK



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