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Well, first time I ever watched their show. Its certainly no Pure Pwnage, but it has potential. I guess it would make a lot more sense if I had seen all the other episodes leading up to it. It was still cool to see independent work put out by everyday people, although I think Hak5 has better production work and in their skits, Darren and Wes seem more relaxed and at home behind the camera when they are running the show.

Any word on if they will be in any other episodes of l337?

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Season 1 has ended. We will be bringing out new episodes in August of this year. Between now and then we will be working to put a DVD together, run four shorts driving a between season story line, and launching three new shows.

"High Maintenace" is a like "Scrubs" meets "that 70's SHow". Check out "Gil's Life" on http://www.lulu.tv/vlog/MCP%20TV.

We are also working on A vegetarian cooking show, a linux show and finishing Ali's short film "Between Floors".[/url]

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