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Suggestion: New Hak5 Rubber Ducky Firmware release and a Flasher for it(Please read it).


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Hey Hak5 community,

I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to bring up a critical issue regarding the use of the Rubber Ducky with the latest hardware version. It has come to my/our(I dont want to speak for others) attention that using the old firmwares on the new Rubber Ducky can lead to bricking the device.

Considering the potential risks involved, I'd like to suggest that the Hak5 team releases a new firmware version along with an updated firmware flasher specifically designed for the new hardware. This will not only address the existing issue but also ensure a smooth and secure user experience.

I understand that the Hak5 team is always working hard to improve and enhance the tools we all love, and your attention to this matter is highly appreciated. So if you have time please do it. Also share your thoughts and experiences on this topic, and let's collaborate to make the Rubber Ducky experience as seamless as possible for everyone.

Looking forward to hearing from the community and the Hak5 team.

Best regards,

A User

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To store exe files on it. Make it more easy to use. No need to download a file from the internet and launch it on the target device. Launch it from the usb.

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