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Firmware Downloads for Classic Rubber Ducky


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I can't say that I totally agree that it's a different Atmel chip. They are both based on 32UC3B1.

What I agree to though is not to try to flash the 2nd gen Ducky with any alternative firmware. But, since this is posted in the forum section for the old Duck, and that the title of the post (and the post itself) clearly states "Classic Rubber Ducky", then I guess that's already a "non issue".

Try these links:



And... flashing anything else other than what's official/stock Hak5 is at your own risk...

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For the avoidance of confusion

  • I deliberately navigated to "Classic USB Rubber Ducky" forum
  • I created, in that forum, a post titled "Firmware Downloads for "Classic Rubber Ducky"
  • I asked a question specifically about firmware for  "Classic Rubber Ducky"
  • No, I do not intend to get firmware intended for  "Classic Rubber Ducky" and flash it to "USB Rubber Ducky 3.0"

I know I could have made it clearer but I was intoxicated, sleep deprived and under the influence of the dark forces enticing me to the dark side using gas plasma arcs 🤣

@dark_pyrro Thank you, I'll take a look at the links.

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