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Hacking devices to alter TV sound frequency and pitch


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Hopefully you're able to help. The site was discovered while searching for solutions to end a mass sound hacking attack. 

I'm a disabled 45 year old man with severe sensory PTSD, agoraphobia and psychogenic hyperventilation. 
Home is Faringdon, Oxfordshire. Since 25 February hackers have remotely been adjusting TV sound frequency/pitch using what I'm sure is a radio frequency device. I've researched the devices extensively but the technical terminology is unfamiliar and it isn't clear which device would work. 
Thus far, 17 TVs have had to be replaced under warranty as the hacking continues. An alternative non smart TV was purchased but once it connected by aerial they hacked the sound on that too. 
They alter the frequency/pitch so vocals are tinny, hollow and distorted. It induces severe nausea, tightening chest and thorax, inability to draw deep breath, laboured breath and tremor as the sound is terrible. 
Please note that they live 70 miles away from me. It's an unprovoked anti-disability vendetta. 
As you can imagine I'm desperate to end this form of 'modern terror'. It most definitely is happening, is possible and isn't imagined.
Please advise on devices/tools that I can purchase which would re-adjust the TV frequency/pitch to the level it should be at.
Many thanks and yours sincerely, 
Josh Ross
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The only way this could be done would be though the TVs menu system, you couldn't do this by modifying the signal coming into the device.

Buy a TV and tape over the remote sensor before plugging it in. You'll need to use physical controls on the TV to change channel, but it will stop them doing things.

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Thanks for taking the time to reply.

The hacking most definitely is happening and my hearing isn't oversensitive or mistaken. Their device mostly effects vocals which become very tinny, hollow, trebly and sometimes distorted. 

Its been done to 17 TVs thus far necessitating returns under warranty. Where in menu system can sound frequency be adjusted? I've scoured it and there's no function. Adjusting the treble without a sound menu has only a miniscule effect. 

The sound frequency irregularities were observed by several carers and friends as I've recorded the terrible changes on a phone video camera. It also caused them pain and was uncomfortable to listen to.

I'm disabled with severe sensory PTSD, agoraphobia and psychogenic hyperventilation so it's compounding the conditions.

Research suggests that TV sound frequency can be modulated with radio frequency devices.

It's not something one would advertise as it's negative and destructive so very difficult to gleen info. on.

Though I know for certain the hackers are based in Watford let's discount the location if easier.

What devices can modulate TV sound frequency from a closer distance? Any suggestions are welcome. Can Flipper Zero, Hack RFone or raspberry pi do this within a sub function or if connected to a plugin?

The TV has no physical buttons; so covering the remote part of the control won't help.

It is very likely the hackers are using a dark web device.

I simply need to reverse their sound hack during a viewing session even if a different device manages to do it.


Thank you,

Josh Ross 

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Did your previous thread get deleted? As I stated before, this can't be done. No signal jammer would only cause the pitch of your specific TV to increase, and this certainly isn't hacking. I would call it signal attenuation, but it wouldn't affect a digital signal like that. 70 miles is outside the range of a typical long-range antenna, and if you knew where the attacker was, I question why you haven't reported it to the UK's communications regulatory body. Plus, I wonder if any of your neighbors are experiencing this. Sounds like you've ruled out equalizer settings, but I don't know what else it could be. 

A Flipper Zero or HackRF One are not capable of receiving whichever channel your TV is tuned to, stripping out the correct audio channel, adjusting the pitch, and retransmitting it without causing interference. A Raspberry Pi does not have RF capability. There is no such thing as a dark web device, so it is not "very likely." 

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What you're saying isn't possible. As others have pointed out, no "hacking device", can do that.
And, from that range, NO.

But, let me point out. Hearing changes with age, and it can change from minute to minute with PTSD. I'm diagnosed with PTSD, and when i'm not doing computer stuff, working as a sound tech, and my "feeling" of frequencies shifts according to mood, stress, lack of sleep and various other factors.
So, check your TV EQ settings, find some mid level settings that work for you, there's no tech solution for this.

I hope you find a solution that works for you 🙂

Take care 🙂


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