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  1. If the keyboard is not attached to the dongle along with the mouse, you can't. If it's unify, look into the logitacker project šŸ™‚ or simply just use a software keylogger on the laptop, that will always work. Or, build some kind of mod on the docking station, as someone else suggested. Have fun šŸ˜‰
  2. Why not go study and build your own ? If you buy it, chance is it wont work, usually it will get detected pretty fast. And why would you want a crypter in the first place ? If it's for bypassing AV, and it's NOT your machine, you have no right to hack it, or bypass AV in the first place. If it's for leaning some kind of C2, simply just turn off AV while you learn, simple as that šŸ˜‰
  3. I will try to be gentle, but.. a lot of what you're saying doesn't make much sense. Is he in the house (just to clarify), or is he next door ? If he has access to your hardware, well..protect your hardware. Live usb linux, well, if someone has access to the usb drives, and they can write a new os to them (custom made live with a backdoor), game over... As for hacking your phone, as someone else pointed out, if he has a remote exploit, i doubt he would use it to harass you, is worth a pretty penny if he sold it. Resettting the router, it can reset due to a power glitch, or update from your ISP, so nothing alarming there. So, please, a bit more info, and be very specific and clear on what you experience, when, where and how šŸ™‚ /NX
  4. Simple answer, you dont, you cant "embed" anything to an exe file. And why would you want to, for what ?
  5. You can't really. There's so many ways to do that, and so many sizes and shapes of devices, so you have to take apart everything that "could" hold a covert device. Tv, loudspeakers, power sockets, and so on. But is it realistic that someone is watching you or listening ? And, long range video / photo is a thing, so is microphones working long range (from another house), so there's no real way to be sure. But most people don't want to go through the trouble, or use the kind of money something like this would cost, so try not to worry to much about it šŸ˜‰
  6. It depends on what you're trying to do.. If theres no external ports, and thus, no webgui, it has to be done internally, so attacking wifi / clients could be the way to go. If you get on the internal side, using bruteforce attacks against the admin portal is a way, (owasp ZAP) / HYDRA or Burp-suite can be a way. But again, if it's not your network / your router, DONT !! /NX
  7. What you're saying isn't possible. As others have pointed out, no "hacking device", can do that. And, from that range, NO. But, let me point out. Hearing changes with age, and it can change from minute to minute with PTSD. I'm diagnosed with PTSD, and when i'm not doing computer stuff, working as a sound tech, and my "feeling" of frequencies shifts according to mood, stress, lack of sleep and various other factors. So, check your TV EQ settings, find some mid level settings that work for you, there's no tech solution for this. I hope you find a solution that works for you šŸ™‚ Take care šŸ™‚ /NX
  8. Depends on OS. In Windows you can use encrypted usb storage, on Linux, use a LUKS partioned usb key. For more advanced option, use GPG encryption with a smartcard GPG key šŸ™‚ That should protect you a bit šŸ˜‰ (if you're trying to protect your dev USB key and files, NOT the Bunny /O.MG itself) Ahh, if it's protecting the bunny if it's lost, sorry no idea, other than, use it, and take it with you. Write the payload to use servers you can afford to burn (one-time-use), and prepare to loose the Bunny / o.mg cable if not a permitted test. But, you really shuldn't run unpermitted tests anyway, so what's the problem ? šŸ˜„ /NX
  9. You could try to sign the file, or make a wrapper in autohotkey and "sign" it using AHK compiler directives. Sometimes that works, but it depends.. But, for the most part, loading exe from usb, can be a trigger... /NX
  10. For the scenario you describe, no it can't do that. You need a software keylogger on the phone, / backdoor, that transmits data back to you in realtime. Can you use the omg cable for installing something like that, maybe.. Switch the original charging / data cable with an omg, and remote trigger install of the payload. But the payload is up to you to write, as well as the connect back / c2 endpoint, to get the data. So, it looks like you have a long journey ahead of you šŸ™‚
  11. if it's a complex password, forget it, unless you use a gpu based cluster for cracking. You could try crunch with custom password masks. Mid level GPU..hmm. My cracking rig is a sixteen core ryzen, and and a highend GPU, and even that kind of system breaks a sweat when trying to go up against complex passwords, that's totally unknown. so, go for a GPU based cluster, those can be rented at linode. Good luck, and happy cracking šŸ˜‰
  12. Hehe, Much Happy Hacking šŸ™‚ Looking forward to hear how you're getting on with your new toys šŸ˜‰
  13. As Dark_Pyrro pointed out, that's a tall order. I would say, start out with a Bash Bunny, a Rubber Ducky, depending on what your equipment is, some O.MG cables, and a O.MG prorammer. And, Payload Studio Pro is worth the money. if you're into wifi, get a good alpha wireless card, and you're good. But, this gear is not a magic bullet, it won't help you to get that sweet shell. For that, look into powershell, Python, and other programming languages. read books on pentesting, look at youtube. This type of gear, will only be of any help to you, if you know programming, Av evasion and stuff like that. You need to know the ins and outs of the platform you're targeting, it's defenses and weaknesses, that's the only way. BTW, Learn Linux, you'll need it šŸ™‚ And, when you're done, look into a ProxMark3, a Flipper Zero, and a HackRF One, for some fun with software defined radio, and RFID. For good measure, throw in some lockpicking (always fun to do over a cup of tea and some Netflix šŸ™‚ ) Much Happy Hacking
  14. Forget it, it can't be used in that way. And, what about all the other wifi signals in the area ? You're saying it's to "stop intruders..". How do you mean ? One good start is to look at your wifi coverage (antenna design, buildings, site plan, materials and so on). And simply stop people from using smart devices in the area.. A very (ILLEGAL), way would to use a cellphone / WIFI jammer, to simply knock their devices offline.. What you wan't cant be done, not in an easy way anyway šŸ™‚ /NoExecute
  15. I would say, it depends a lot... Are we talking about a vulnerability test, or a penetration test ? Running a scan for vulns, missing patches, or weak passwords are one thing, running a full test, is quite different. And,what is the scope for a test, how "far" are you allowed to go ? When it comes to equipment,a good laptop, running Kali, some Alfa Wireless cards, and you've got the basic gear you'll need. Everything else,is just "nice to have", not "need to have". But for "nice to have". A rubber ducky / Bunny, and a Odroid C2 and some lockpicks šŸ˜„ (and a veeeery patient Boss) /Kent
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