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Compaq Proliant 1600


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Ok guys, I posted something like this a while ago about different server os's that were out there. Right after I posted that my boss told me that I can take home one of the older Compaq Proliant servers that were being decommissioned. It use to run out intranet, but I don't think i'm really going to be running a intranet at home. What I wanna know is what do you guys suggest? I was thinking mabe smoothwall, but I wanna hear what the community has to say. I'll give some more specs on the machine.

They gave me 6 unused 18.3GB drives

I'm not sure which, but I was told that it has the highest end P3 processor in there.

It has i believe 1GB or RAM.

And is currently running Windows Server 2000. I Think i'm going to be putting Debian on there. But any ideas on what I can use this thing for would be great.

Thanks in Advance!

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You could use it for pretty much anything. The bigger question is what do you need, or are you sufficiently interested in to make a box for so you can dabble around with it. And that's one that you should answer yourself.

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I really don't know, thats why I posted the thread. I think it would be good for me to slap some kind of linux distro on it like debian just so I can learn more. But I also what to put the thing to use. It's really heavy and i'm not going to carry that home for nothing. Carrying crap like that on the subway in NYC isn't fun during rush hour.

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