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Im renting out a room


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Depends where you are really. This is UK biased...

Best thing is to get a group of mates together and rent a house. Mixed houses are always better than a group of blokes living together, unless you like kitchens that are alive. Go for something in a cheap but decent part of town thats close to a 24hr store/petrol station. Make sure your neighbours don't have kids (drinking=noise). Large groups of people don't work so well, 3-4 people is a nice number.

See if you can cut a deal with the landlord to put in networking in the house. I've done this and had the landlord pay for cables to wall sockets in all the rooms, a very nice linksys wireless router and the cable internet setup charge. Just have to convince them it will add to the value of there house and you'll do them a favour setting it up for free. Plus they always want the best kit.

Learn to cook with actual ingredients, its so much cheaper. And make sure there are enough wall sockets in your room. I lived in a house that was next door to a pub for two years, whilst this sounds cool, its really not. Drinking should not be the easy.

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