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I have my two computers networked wirelessly and I was looking on the link provided on hacking school networks and thought i would try a couple commands on my network to see if it works or not. Well I used the command: net user john smith /add where john was the user and smith was the password. Then I used the net localgroup administrator john /add command. Then I logged out to see if there was a new user, and instead of having two users, my account named administrator was gone only to be replaced by john password smith. I logged in and checked documents and settings, and the administrators is still there, but i don't have the option of logging in with him. I really need to get back and use my old account, so can you please help me find a way to get back on to the account named administrator. Thanks.

Oh and under user accounts in control panel the account named administrator is gone. Please help.

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welcome screen = bad

On the welcome screen press ctrl+alt+del twice and type in administrator as the user name.

That has never seemed to work for me on XP Home, or on my mom's comp or the school comps running XP Pro. But now I run Ubuntu, so it really doesn't matter.

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