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How to fully wipe the flash memory of WiFi Pineapple MK7?


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19 hours ago, PimmelScholz said:

But, when i turn on device, i see certificate and other settings and the data captured in session before. How to wipe this non volatile memory?

you may try reinstalling the firmware to see if that does the trick, beyond that the only thought i would have is to go into the terminal and manually delete the items, which is a mind-numbing thought.

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This is where threat modelling comes in. If all you want to do is to clear down between engagements then doing a simple rm on the command line will do. If you've done an engagement where you are asked to do a full erase after the job (I have to do this after some military and financial jobs) then an rm won't be good enough as all that does is to clear the file allocation tables but leaves the content on disk. For something like that you would want to do an overwrite.

If the OP isn't a tester and has done something illegal and wants to destroy the evidence then a wipe and a hammer would be best.

At any level you have to first come up with the reason you are doing the action before you can work out what action fits best.

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