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  1. I think it is worth it overall, you need to run the current beta release and find one of the correct 5G adapters to get the most out of it. I used these to teach RAP attacks, my only regret is not having a 5G adapter and the beta software when I was doing the lab.
  2. thank you, I discovered that the one I had was not the correct adapter, even though it looked very much identical.
  3. I have to say, now that I have finally found the correct 5Ghz adapter to work in the pineappple, combined with this update this thing is finally coming into it's own. I only wish that the pineapple would have had the 5Ghz adapter built in instead of needing to have an external adapter/device.
  4. I cannot wait for the adapter to come out, I will be buying 7 of them. I tried to do a lab with one of these pineapples for my students last week in my Pentesting class and wound up not having much success because all of our potential targets (other students who were made aware of our lab) were on 5ghz. I am also looking forward to the enterprise model. I have 2 of the supported adapters and cannot get any of the 7 pineapples I have to recognize either of them.
  5. almost never fails, I post, then find what I am looking for....
  6. I finally got around to loading up my OMG keylogger cable with the programmer. once i go in and set the SSID and password and connect to the cable i get the exact same interface as what i get with my non-keylogger OMG cable. I have been very careful to not get the two cables mixed up and am confident that i am using the correct cable. is there a link to the firmware for the keylogger cable? i would like to flash it with the latest firmware to make sure all is on the up and up.
  7. it is an add-on device that will connect to the usb ports on the pineapple. it will not be a separate box, so to speek.
  8. mine does not work no matter what i do. you just plugged it up and it eventually worked?
  9. i believe it is only on one channel, this is typical behavior of most capture platforms. then you pick an SSID to capture, the pineapple should change to that channel and monitor. you can deauth clients to speed this process up usually.
  10. partial handshake is when you do not capture all 4 steps of the wpa handshake. if you do not know what that is This Link will tell you what you need to know.
  11. perhaps grab a shot of your pineAP settings? I had something similar going on and i'd like to compare settings on that page.
  12. check the pineAP settings, it is almost certainly the culprit.
  13. you can remove them from pineAP, as for why they are showing up, i too am stumped.
  14. i messed around with this last night and it seems the git is missing some files and won't actually install, either that or i'm missing a dependency
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