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  1. it is an add-on device that will connect to the usb ports on the pineapple. it will not be a separate box, so to speek.
  2. mine does not work no matter what i do. you just plugged it up and it eventually worked?
  3. i believe it is only on one channel, this is typical behavior of most capture platforms. then you pick an SSID to capture, the pineapple should change to that channel and monitor. you can deauth clients to speed this process up usually.
  4. partial handshake is when you do not capture all 4 steps of the wpa handshake. if you do not know what that is This Link will tell you what you need to know.
  5. perhaps grab a shot of your pineAP settings? I had something similar going on and i'd like to compare settings on that page.
  6. check the pineAP settings, it is almost certainly the culprit.
  7. you can remove them from pineAP, as for why they are showing up, i too am stumped.
  8. i messed around with this last night and it seems the git is missing some files and won't actually install, either that or i'm missing a dependency
  9. the mark 7 cannot connect to 5ghz, the built-in radios are only 2.4ghz. as for your other post showing all of the open SSIDs with the same mac, I believe this is normal behavior and is intended. you likely have pineAP on and set to active or advanced and it's performing the SSID capture and then adding them to the open radio to attempt to lure folks on to it.
  10. i stand corrected, i just tried this and it seems to work. i appreciate the feedback, however i would still like to see this on the primary recon interface to prevent or reduce the liklihood of someone stumbling upon the management interface.
  11. I am not sure that it captures traffic like that, when connected to it none of the sites i'm browsing get captured etc.
  12. I still can't get my alfa wireless adapter to even light up on any of my pineapples.
  13. unless i'm missing something i would love to see the ability to stand up a network SSID and use the password of the original network. i can only set up an open AP and the management AP but would rather be able to use a PW as well.
  14. i performed the beta update and had to go through the setup completely again including downloading all of the modules and their dependencies (would like to see dependencies automatically downloaded on install) is this normal or did i do something wrong? i have bought more than one of these mark 7's just for this purpose, as well as having more than one for my students to use in my pentesting classes.
  15. thanks, i'll give this a shot tomorrow, i was fairly certain i had the full 2A but will confirm tomorrow.
  16. are there any instructions on how to get the exterior wireless adapters to work? i plug in my alfa adapter and it does not even power on.
  17. these things are cheaper to buy and implant than multiple laptops/computers. thats why I use them, while i have had only mixed success with them I really love the platform.
  18. I think having a campaign that can scan all SSIDs, capture handshakes, and have an active mode that deauths clients to speedup the handshake capture would be awesome.
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