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This might be in the wrong forum but w/e.

I had been planning to make a server out of an old box I got, but then relized that my internet and ISP kinda REALLY SUcK! And did some searching and bluehost seems pretty awesome. So im going to be hosing with them. The question is: I want to be able to strem music and vids along with ftp: I know this has been talked about before here but cannot find where. Can anyone point me in the best direction with streaming music and vids?

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hmm if i remember right, its Icecast, shoutcast, and nsvtools, these will allow u to stream out to VLC, and Winamp easly though i did it about a year ago so might be outta date.

As for FTP if ur asking which one? if ur using linix ive always likes Pure-FTP, with MySQL support enabled.

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Thanks for the reply... I was wondering if, for the streaming vid and music, if there was some kind of web based stream. Kinda like a media center on the web, where a user can select and view/hear what he/she wants from the site itself. Does anyone know of soemthing like that?

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